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Customer Service


On Website

You are recommended to SIGN UP to our site and LOG IN before shopping in order to avoid missing cart history and to enable the wish list function. Most importantly, enjoy our membership discount and benefits through our membership program!

1. Add desired item(s) to the shopping cart by selecting ‘Add to Cart’ on product's page.
2. View Cart by clicking the Cart button on the top right corner.

3. Review and edit any of the items in your shopping cart. If you have a discount or promotion code, it must be entered at this time as it cannot be entered later on.

4. Add a note if you have specific requests, our representative will get back to you once order is confirmed.

5. Proceed to order confirmation and payment by selecting ‘Checkout'.

6. Fill in the necessary information such as shipping details, delivery method, and payment. 
7. Before placing an order, please review all the data are correct.
8. Read our Terms & Conditions and Return Policy, then 'Place Order'.
9. An automatic confirmation email will be sent to you shortly.


Within 24 hours of placing your order (except Sundays), you will receive an additional email with an official invoice directly from one of our representatives. You will also be notified when your order has been shipped or ready to be picked up.

By Email/ Call
Feel free to Contact Us for a more direct transaction.
At Jofer's shop
Customers are always welcome to visit our shop for immediate transactions.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

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