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All 30ml Drams - For Tasting

If you are:

- A regular consumer, who want to try before paying for a full sized bottle

- A whisky or spirits enthusiast, always exploring different styles

- New and curious to discover interesting tastes

- Looking for gift ideas

Tasting Drams here for you.



What is Dram TGT:

Dram TGT means Dram together. Our mission is to divide bottles into small samples, providing drinks lovers a platform to pay less, and try more. We believe SHARING is the key.

Our Drams

We divide bottles into dram samples, size of 30ml each, a typical size for tasting purpose. They are then securely enclosed with a cork cap and fully sealed. Clear and informative labels will be placed on each of the drams to make sure you know what is it you are about to taste.

Over thousands of fine spirits across the globe; Whisky, Cognac, Gin, Vodka, and more... 

Available as 

1) Solo dram samples

2) Themed tasting sets of 5 drams

3) Monthly calendars/ Advent calendars

4) Create your own set of 5, for an unique tasting experience!

5) Wedding gifts customization

6) Accessories (glasses, journel, etc.)

Why us:

Customized tasting note cards​ provided


Handsomely packaged


We do not just care about your tasting, but your further drinking experience as well!

With any dram purchase with us, you will receive along a 5% off coupon. This allows you to purchase the regular bottle of your dram if you like it after tasting with better price. 



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